The Beginning.

I knew I was called into ministry in 2004. I was a junior at Mississippi University for Women, who had been saved a good 4 years. I was in a campus ministry called G Phi G, now known as Generation 6:20 at Mississippi State University, and I was on fire for God. Still a little rough around the edges, but my heart was pure.

One day, I was chilling in my dorm room, watching TBN. I am not sure what show I was watching, but I fell asleep. I had this vivid dream. I was at my parent’s house, in the front yard, standing there, and it was like my whole body started vibrating….and I felt like I was being taken up. Then the scene shifted, and It looked like I was in a scene in a Godzilla movie. I was in a city with lots of skyscrapers, and the sky grew dark, looked like it was about to storm or something, and then people started running….they were running between cars….and I started running too. Then all of a sudden, I stopped, and said to myself, “Why am I running?” Then I looked up at the clouds, and I saw a bright streak of light shine through the clouds, and the clouds started parting. Then I heard a booming voice saying, “Read Isaiah 58:1.”  The voice repeated itself again, and then I woke up, saying….”Isaiah 58:1.” So I immediately got my bible out, and read the scripture. It said: “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.”

As soon as I read that scripture, I knew it….I said….uh oh. I knew God had called me to something, I didn’t know what, when or how I was gonna do it, but my life never has been the same since that moment.

Now, it is 10 years later, and I have been through a lot, done a lot, some things I am NOT proud of at all, but I am still here, and still holding on to God. I had to learn that God’s timing is EVERYTHING! There were things that I had to go through, things I needed to see, things I needed to learn, things I needed to do, to prepare me for this moment. Jesus went through 30 years of preparation for a three and a half year ministry! And as we all know, it was WELL worth it. Praise God! My journey hasn’t been easy, but so far it has been worth it. I am excited about my new beginning, and I am excited to share it with you. Welcome to my blog, Abundant Heart, where I will be sharing my different experiences, things God shares with me, and most of all Sharing His heart with you. I am most definitely in Awe of God right now, and how he has chosen me….I’m stepping out on Faith with Him, and I know he has me. Check out this song by Erica Campbell, that I love…It is exactly how I feel right now……I am a fan of His work.

In His Abundant Love,



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