Shifting the Atmosphere

Atmosphere according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary means: the air of a locality; a surrounding influence or environment; an intriguing or singular tone, effect, or appeal. Interesting huh? Today I will focus on the last two definitions: a surrounding influence or environment, an intriguing or singular tone, effect, or appeal.

As I was growing up in the faith (I’m still growing), there was one quote that really stuck with me. It was, “Your environment will affect you before you effect your environment.” For a long time, I thought that cannot be true! I’m the salt of the earth! I add flavor! I even used my famous quote, “Wherever my feet tread, that’s my territory.” I laugh at myself now. While both are biblically true, (Deut. 11:24, Matt. 5:13) I didn’t have a true understanding of what that quote meant. As time went on, I learned….THE HARD WAY.

If you look back at that quote, affect and effect are used. They both have slightly different meanings. To affect something is to have an affect on emotions. The Merriam-Webster definition for affect is: to aim at, to have affection for, to be given to, to make a displace of liking or using, to put a pretense of, to tend toward.

To effect means:  intent, basic meaning, an outward sign, accomplishment, fulfillment,  power to bring about a result, influence, a distinctive impression, something designed to produce a distinctive or desired impression.

Human beings are emotional creatures by nature. We are often moved by what we see, what we hear and what we feel. As a result, we oftentimes make decisions based on those things. Think about it, the number one excuse we make when we have done something wrong is: “I just got caught up in the moment.” This is a LAME excuse.

Caught is a past participle of catch. To catch means to capture or seize, to take or entangle in or as if in a snare, to discover unexpectedly, to check oneself suddenly or momentarily, to become suddenly aware of , to affect suddenly, to grasp and hold on to, to obtain through effort, to become affected by. This is very interesting. Each one of those definitions defines an action that you would take. Interestingly, when I looked up the definition of caught, it listed this singular word: pregnant. One definition of pregnant is : having possibilities of development or consequence involving important issues….Hmmm. Pause and think on all of that and we will continue this discussion tomorrow.

In His Abundant Love,



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