Celebrate your sisters

Today, I thought I would celebrate my sisters. I have three younger sisters. All three are awesome people. The one right under me  is a great artist and photographer. She was always the sassiest one. She is married and has a beautiful little girl…my pride and joy :-). And the first niece and grandbaby. I admire her because I watch how she handles all of her duties as a stay-at-home mom and wife. A lot of people do not recognize the hard work that goes into taking care of a home and taking care of a baby and a husband. She works hard, she takes a lot, and sometimes goes unappreciated. I can remember us growing up, she never wanted kids, really didn’t want to be married, she didn’t like to clean, nor cook…and now…she is totally the opposite. She loves to cook..and can…she loves her baby girl…her husband..and she is a clean freak. Its amazing how time and age changes us. She has most definitely changed for the better. LOL. She is also my best friend. she has a page on facebook where she is advertising her paintings and photography…Perfect 7. Check her out!

My next sister is an amazing cook, very clever, and has special faith. I have watched her endure so much growing up. She went through a lot with her teachers and the public school system…they tried to label her. She went through a bit of a depression, but to look at her now, you wouldn’t know it. She is the most photogenic out of all of us. All of her pics turn out perfect. I am so jealous! She is beginning to live her dream as a caterer. She makes great sandwhiches, soups, and macaroni-n-cheese! LOL!  I think that a lot of people underestimate and don’t understand her. But I see her as a Phoenix rising out of the ashes. She is on her track to her destiny….she is great. She has a great sense of humor. She is so crazy! And her dreadlocks are absolutely gorgeous! We pass by each other on the way to work many days, and I see her, she never sees me, but one thing I do notice is that she is always praying on her way. Watching her, it makes me look at myself, and I realize I need to pray more. She is a praying woman. I think that is awesome. She is awesome.

And last but not least, my baby baby sister….lol. My baby! She is very intelligent, witty, such a great writer. She is super smart, and destined for greatness. I am so proud of her. An awesome young woman of God as well. I remember when she first came home from the hospital. The cute brown baby with a head full of hair, and huge cheeks! She wasn’t a baby long. She was always advanced. I will never forget hearing her laugh for the first time. We were so tickled. She came into our lives unexpectedly, but we cannot  picture life without her. She is so straight to the point, and she has a lot of ways like me. She is very serious and moody, but she can be super goofy. The girl is talented! She can play the trumpet and  I believe she could sing if she just would. Lol.  She is most definitely destined for greatness. She has a Grace touch. Everything that she touches works, activates. I am super proud of her, and anything that I can do to help her…I will do. One thing I wish is that she saw herself like I see her. A beautiful chocolate drop, with so much going for herself. She is peculiar, she is the apple of God’s eye. She also has a blog: thepenandtheneedle.BlogSpot.com, and she is a freelance writer at Gossip and Gab. check her out!

My sisters are so different, but one thing I can say is that we will always be there for each other. I think it is important for us to lift each other up. Tell each other what we see in each other, because what we may see, they may not. I encourage you to encourage your sisters, (blood, and un-related). We need each other. Words are powerful! Speak life into each other’s lives.


Me and my sisters at my baby baby sister’s high school graduation.

Much Agape,



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