To all the Single Ladies: Worship while you wait


I know its been awhile since I have posted anything…again…but I choose to speak when I know God has shared something with me that I should share. Just like many of you, I too, are single. Its not the easiest season to be in when you see your close friends and family and even folks who you may deem undeserving of true love, (keepin’ it real, we all know someone like that) get in relationships, engaged, married, and then begin their families. Especially if this is a desire that you have in your heart. Trust me, I know. This year I turned 33, and it doesn’t help when people ask you the questions, “When are you gonna get married?” “When are you gonna have kids?” Or they say insensitive things to you like, “If you keep on waiting, you are gonna wait too late to have kids.” Blah, Blah, Blah. I get tired of those questions, and yes, I have to be honest, at times I get tired of waiting, but I know that God’s timing is perfect, and I would rather wait on the right one than to enter into a right now relationship. I’ve been in too many of those, and you never get the outcome that you want.

I ran across a great article on the website, Married and Young (, great website…check it out!) And there was an article entitled, “Is He the One?” written by Shannon Colar. In this article, Shannon discusses her experience of meeting a guy that seemed to be everything that she wanted. They spent time together, met each other’s family and friends, etc., someone even “prophesized to her that He would walk her down the aisle…..(how many of you have that happened to?) but it all ceased at a point, and then when they would communicate, it would be in cycles. Talk for three months, don’t talk for three, kind of thing. (I’ve been there SEVERAL TIMES, I’m so over that…LOL). So she sought answers…and one of her mentors told her, ““Whenever I find myself liking a guy, I worship! I make sure my heart is turned towards God”.  When I read those words, it turned on a light bulb.  Worship while you wait. Waiting in this single season, does not mean not doing anything. It is so important to be lead by God during this season, because you can end up in situations that will hinder your growth…. the longer you hinder your growth…the longer you delay your promise. Think about the Children of Israel…they ended up in the wilderness for 40 years…a trip that should have taken days because of their attitude. What is your attitude in this season? We have to check ourselves FIRST in every situation…because a lot of the time, WE are the issue.

Ms. Colar stated in her article, “Instead of going to God asking him if “he” was my husband, I sought his face, I worshiped, I prayed, I studied, I journaled, I cried, I did whatever it took to make sure my focus was back where it belonged.

WE HAVE TO MAKE SURE OUR FOCUS IS WHERE IT BELONGS….Not on finding a man, but on finding God. Everything else will line up. 6 Years ago, after my last relationship, I promised myself and God that I would not commit myself to anyone else unless I knew they were it. I said that I would work on myself, get rid of any baggage I had and make sure that I was wife material. I had to work on my self-image, my self-worth, and most importantly, my relationship with God. I knew that I needed to be transformed, and no one else could do it but Him.

While you wait, enjoy your life! Travel, try new things, go on road-trips….have fun! Develop your relationship with God…and watch, he will pop up before you know it. God is faithful, and he would not have put that desire to marry inside of your heart if it wasn’t for you. We have to just Trust Him. Ms. Colar ended her article with these words of wisdom….”…… the face of Jesus and watch him make things crystal clear for you. As Christians one may say that’s a given, but it’s the simple things that gets over looked when the heart becomes overjoyed by possibility.” Watch and pray. Be still and listen. Trust and obey. Worship while you wait. Don’t get caught up in your feelings….seasons change. Stay on God’s path through those seasons, and you will be ok.

If you want to talk…need encouragement, want me to believe God with you…just hit me up at I’ll be glad to pray with you!

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